Aranzi Aronzo Jakarta: Cuteness Overload!!

As you all know, I’m back in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia for another internship.
The differences is that this internship taking 5 months to be done. So I’ll be around Jakarta until May.
Of course, this is the time to hunt some great dessert to try and visit some travel spot in Jakarta!

My first choice ever after arrived in Jakarta is the one and only Aranzi Aronzo Cafe

I’ve been drooling since ever to try this uber cute cafe! 

Let’s not curhating too long, and begin with the food review! 
Aranzi Aronzo, located just beside Miniapolis

The cake boxes, incredibly cute, right?

More boxes!


The Cake display. OH MY GOD I’m just confused what to eat!

Banana Cake – IDR 65,000

I super love the cuteness of this cake.

Honestly, I feel a bit nggak tega banget deh while slicing it. 

The taste is delicious, especially the monkey face part, it’s actually a white chocolate! I also love the smoothness of the sponge plus the yummy caramel on top of it. 

The chocolate cake on the bottom taste good, too!

There are some fruits (the color is pink, but I don’t know what is it) and it taste sour. I actually love it, but my sister doesn’t really a fan of sour fruit, so she didn’t like it.

Unfortunately, my banana taste a bit bitter. It’ll be awesome if the banana taste sweet. 

Finish it all without any left overs, hahaha!


I feel like I want to bring it home because it’s just too cute!

I love all the characters made by Aranzi Aronzo. What can be cuter than that? 


I love it! Even though the cafe is a bit small, but it has some musics on.

They also offers two kinds of place to hang out, the indoor and also the outdoor one.

Well, if you’re there on the afternoon, just go in the indoor because it’s cooler rather than the outside. 

Second Floor

Uber cute window on second floor!
Painting on the second floor. How Cute!!
The service was nicelly done by one of the female waiter there. 

Will back to try another desserts! 
P.S: As I’m back in Jakarta, I’ll keep posting on Zomato! 
Aranzi Aronzo
Mall Kelapa Gading 1&2, Lantai Ground.
Jl. Kelapa Gading Boulevard, Jakarta Utara

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