Bandung Eatinerary : Street Food – Food that Everyone Loves!!

3 days drooling around Bandung!
Bandung is known not only for their factory outlet, but also for their delicious street food.
There are many famous street food around, and I’ve collected some photos so that you know what street food you should eat too!
This is fully based on my own opinion, so feel free to correct me if I’m wrong !
All the food collections here are located on Jl. Riau / R.E Martadinata road 
(This road is also full of Factory Outlet / Clothing Distro, so you can eat – walk – go in to some shop – eat – walk – go in to some shop – Repeat ! )
1. Batagor & Siomay

This is the most famous food come from Bandung. You haven’t been to Bandung if you haven’t eat this!
Batagor = fried ; Siomay = stewed
I don’t really like Siomay, I prefer Batagor more because for me it’s more crunchy, oily, and it’s more yummy, hahaha! But, my father prefer Siomay since he doesn’t really like fried food.

Price : IDR 15,000 for 1 portion
1 portion consist of 5 pieces. You can add more if you like.
You can either choose it by yourself, or you can mix it up together
The choices are : Batagor, Siomay, Tahu (Tofu), and some vegetables.

I always choose Batagor for all 5 since I only like those.

The Best Batagor in my version :
On the street in front of The Heritage Factory Outlet, Jl. Riau / R.E Martadinata
Note : There’s a juice stall just beside the Batagor that you should also try. It taste really good! My favourite juice : Strawberry
Juice Price : IDR 12,000 up, depending on what fruit.

2. Pisang Goreng (Fried Banana)

You can found lots of Pisang Goreng stall all along the way in Jl. Riau

Price : IDR 12,000 up, depending on flavour
The way to cook it, you need a ripe bananas, heat the oil, and fried the banana until it’s brown.
Then, you can choose the flavour, there are chocolate, cheese, sugar, and original.
My favourite : Chocolate and Cheese!
It’s really savoury and you will crave for more!

The Best Pisang Goreng in my version :

In front of The Secret Factory Outlet

3. Rujak Buah (Mix Fruit)
Price : depending on what fruit
You can choose the fruit, and the seller will chop it for you.
Unlike the usual Rujak seller – they usually put the fruit on the plate – the ones in Bandung chop it and put it into plastic so you can carry it around. Really creative right?

You can tell a Rujak is delicious or not by the sauce that they made.
Note : the sauce is a bit spicy.
Well, because fruit taste almost the same as long as it is a good fruit right? hahaha.

The Ones that I tried :

In front of The Summit Outlet, Jl. Riau / R.E Martadinata

4. Bakso Kikil
Price : IDR 24,000 
Bakso is a meatball in English.
Kikil is basically a part of beef, located near the cow legs.
Believe me, the Kikil they sell here is very soft and chewy. It’s really tasty!
You should put some more seasoning like ketchup and chilli to make it even more tastier.

The Ones that I tried :

In front of The Summit Outlet, Jl. Riau / R.E Martadinata

5. Otak-otak
Price : IDR 4,000 per 1 stick 
Otak-otak is made from fish, and then you grill it on the top of charcoal.
For the sauce, they use a peanut sauce, mixed with chilli and tomato.

The Ones that I tried :

In front of The Summit Outlet, Jl. Riau / R.E Martadinata
(In my opinion, it’s not good, maybe you can found better Otak-otak rather than this one)

6. Tahu Gejrot
Price : IDR 10,000 
Tahu Gejrot is basically a fried tofu mixed with garlic, chilli – a very hot one – and some sauce.
It’s really delicious and a must try, especially if you’re a chilli and tofu lovers!
P.S : Prepare a tissue for your sweat!

The Best Tahu Gejrot  in my version :

In front of The Heritage, Jl. Riau / R.E Martadinata. It’s located on the small food court beside Heritage.

7. Kerak Telor

For Indonesian, you must be confused.
“Jauh-jauh ke Bandung makan kerak telor?” (Going to bandung just to eat kerak telor?)

Kerak Telor is actually Jakarta famous street food.
But well, since I haven’t got a chance to tried Kerak Telor in Jakarta, why not eat it in Bandung? Hahahaha.

Price : IDR 18,500
Kerak Telor is made from rice, some seasoning, and an egg
(In the photo, I order the Duck Egg, it has a better flavour than Chicken Egg)
What makes them unique is the way the seller cook the egg.
The word Kerak is a “dried part”, and the seller will cook it by flipping back the frying pan.

The Ones that I tried :

In front of The Heritage, Jl. Riau / R.E Martadinata. It’s located on the small food court beside Heritage.

Got something more? Feel free to tell me!
Well, stay tuned on more Bandung Posts on this blog.

Punch and Hugs,

–Megan Faustine

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