Crab N Chef: When Alaskan meets Surabayanese Taste!

There’s suddenly this “Crab” happening among Surabaya people. 
There are 2 new crab restaurants that recently open in this town.
My friends and I decided to try the one in Manyar Kertoarjo, which is the Crab and Chef. It’s very easy to find this place. If you found Bonnet (there’s a name billboard on the top of the building), then you just need to turn left and Crab and Chef is at your left side.
Let’s review the food!
We order mud crab and also shrimps.
You can order whatever grams you want, it also depends on how many person your group is.
The waiter will suggest the right amount for you to order.
But if I’m not mistaken, the minimum grams of crab legs are 300grams, you can’t order less than that.

The Taste
It taste great! Even though it’s not that “Wow” but the taste blend really nicely with the mud crab & the shrimp. It’s just mine is not spicy enough (well, I should order the spicy one)
What’s Unique
You’ll eat without any plates at all! Yes, you will eat on the table.
But don’t worry, the table will be covered by a very thick food paper before you start eating.
Also, you can ask for an apron to wear while eating the crab.
The apron is not as good as I expected though, because it’s only made from plastic.
It’s really cozy. There aren’t many people when I got here, so I can eat as freely as I want. Hahahaha! You know, to eat a crab, you must give whatever power and lust you got and get your hands dirty!
The theme of the restaurant is really great too.
They pick up a sea, ship content for the whole restaurant.
There’s this one world map which I really like, you can spot it from the second floor!

There’s also a photo spot on the 1st floor.
Yes, we take a photo before leaving Crab N Chef!
Bonus! The menu at Crab and Chef

Crab N Chef
Phone: 031 – 5947938
Jl. Manyar Ketoarjo V / 6 – 8

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