Curry House Surabaya: What’s your favorite curry?

Hey guys! I bet you’ve missed me ;p
Finally I already finished my 5 months internship in Jakarta, my Final Research Report (Skripsi) and here I am, back in Surabaya!!  
I’ve heard about this restaurant before, and finally I got a chance to try Curry House when I was visiting Raya Darmo Permai Selatan for a Creative Contributor interview in the area. 


Located on the 2nd Floor of Papaya Fresh Gallery (A supermarket), you’ll see a big sign of curry house in the entrance of Papaya (just turn your head to the left near the entrance door).
At first, I thought it was just a small restaurant. It turns out that Curry House is super spacious.
To my surprise, they have 2 places and they are connected through a corridor. 
That day was Monday, so there are not so many visitors in the restaurant. 
The connecting hallway
At first, I thought their menu is printed on a wooden menu (so lovely!). But it’s actually their old menu. Their new menus are just printed on three pieces of regular, thick carton. You could see the full menus in the end of this post 😉
Their old menus
Let’s go to the foods & beverages review, shall we? 


Pork Cutlet Curry Rice – start from IDR 62,000


Why I said “start”, which means not a fix price?

Because you could choose your own favourite curry in Curry House.
So, starting from the beginning where you could choose from noodles, rice, or even sticky rice for the carbo, and then moving on to the portion, there’s Small – Extra Large, then choose the chilli level, choose the toppings (chicken, dory, nugget, karage, pork, and so on) and finally the curry sauce. 

What did I choose?

I choose rice – small – no chilli – pork cultet – pork curry sauce. So who’s with me? XD XD
I need to wait for about 7 minutes before I got my pork curry, which is kinda fast. On the first bite, I can feel the crunchiness of the deep fried pork, combined with the pork sauce, yummy!! I could eat this curry all day long, hahaha! Even though I order the small portion, but it’s big enough & makes you full, especially for girls 😉 

Anchovy Potato – IDR 32,000

Well, before I tell you how delicious their anchovy potato, first I’ll tell you that there are 3 kinds of potato finger food that they’re serving. Here are the differences:
1. Potato chips: It’s the usual french fries that you normally found in fast food restaurant.
2. Anchovy potato : There are two kinds, the first one is the thin, crispy potato (I ordered this) and the other one is like a potato wedges and have this flabby texture. 
3. Ras potato : It’s almost like a regular french fries, but a very very very long version of the regular one.
So yes, because I love crispy snack, I order the anchovy potato, crispy one. 
It’s really crispy and so crunchy, a perfect choice of finger food. They spread some other herbs & ingredients (I don’t know what they are, honestly) which makes it even better. 



Milk Lassi – IDR 20,000

I order milk lassi because the waiter told me it’s one of the favourite beverages here. Milk lassi consists of milk and yoghurt. In my opinion, it taste a bit strange and confusing, because you don’t know which one is more dominant, the milk or the yoghurt. Plus, I think there’s too much water in it. I just wish they could add more milk or more yoghurt so the taste will come out nicely.

Coca Cola – IDR 15,000

For those who didn’t like Ocha or any other Japanese drink, then the best choice is Coca Cola. Served in a can, I think I don’t need to tell you how Coca cola tastes like, right ? Hahahaha! 


As promise guys, here are the full menus of Curry House. Click to enlarge, and zoom it in!












If you follow my food post, I bet you know that I’m super chatty and ask so many questions about each menu, before deciding which one I would like to order. Well… that’s habit, sorry! *wink*
And the waitress there respond all my questions quite friendly and try to explain what she knows. So yes, the service was really nice.
I personally think that The Curry House is suitable for families with younger children, friends, families, or even business meeting is suitable here. 
Overall, a very nice curry to try!

Curry House
Papaya Fresh Gallery 2F, Jl. Raya Darmo Permai Selatan Surabaya
Ph: 031 – 7326291
Social Media: Still None.
Thanks, reader(s)!


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