D&K Dessert & Cafe Shop, A Great Place for Hangout!

Last weekend, I got a chance to visit this incredibly simple yet cute 2 floors restaurant at Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara. It’s called D&K Dessert & Cafe Shop, with a squirrel for their mascot. Once enter the cafe shop, you’ll spot a bright, spacious and homey ambiance with a simple swing playground design. I directly fell in love with this spot, and I think it’s very suitable for you who wants to do “nongkrong cantik”.

For you who need a private space, you could go to the second floor, where there are two tables that are separated with woods and can accomodate 5 – 6 pax. Don’t worry though, you won’t feel cramped inside because the space is still spacious enough. What I like the most about the private – but not so private – area is the small window, where you still could see the light coming through. Heartwarming!



Hongkong Fishball Curry – IDR 32,000

It’s served like a satay, but with curry gravy instead of peanut. The fishball is so easy to chew and thank God it’s not fishy. The curry flavor is not too strong, so it won’t ruin your next dish 😉

Main Course

Mini Rainbow – IDR 58,000

There are three colourfull little burgers with Red, Yellow and Green colour – like a traffic light, right? LoL – it’s super cute yet tasty. The bun is soft and the meat is tender. It’s suitable for sharing!

Tiger Bread Roll – IDR 42,000

Rolled with eggs, bread flour, zucchini, and some other ingredients, the taste of the tuna is still strong and you could feel it inside your mouth. Eventhough it seems small, but it’s packed and heavy enough for a meal.

Gyudon – IDR 50,000

If you’re craving for rice and real meet, then you must order this scrumptious Gyudon. The meat is juicy, well-burnt, and full of flavour. There’s also a soft-ruin eggs that you could enjoy the Gyudon with. Simply a bowl of happiness!

Dk Chicken Karage – IDR 38,000

Who doesn’t like a melted, never ending mozarella cheese in their meal? With a very affordable price and rich of chicken meat and mozarella, DK Chicken Karage will surely boost your appetite and mood during the day. Love the chicken texture, because it’s not too thick and just blend perfectly with the flour and cheese!


Crispy Waffle with Ice Cream – IDR 48,000

Everything about dessert should be cute, including the presentation. Using a delicate yet simple presentation, the brownie cake taste good, the waffle is crispy and you could combine it all together with a scoop of ice cream.

Molten Lava Set – IDR 35,000

One of my favorite dessert is a lava cake. The lava cake from D&K Dessert is really rich of chocolate flavor and the filling is generous. Still warm inside, you might want to mix it with a cold vanilla ice cream. Yummy!

Panncota Pudding Ice Cream – IDR 35,000

The pannacotta is fluffy, smooth and taste dark chocolate. One of my type of comfort food,  delish and the portion is enough.


Greentea Milk Shake – IDR 30,000

Served in a cute curvy glass, the greentea flavor is not that strong and the sweetness is well-balanced. It’s served with a whipped cream, so if you don’t really like something too sweet, you might want to tell the waitress to get rid of the whipped cream.

Strawberry Yoghurt Ice Blended – IDR 29,000

Actually, I don’t expect this ice blended to taste sweet. So if you like sweet strawberry, this drink might be suitable for your taste. The yoghurt blends really well and they also use milk inside.

Mango Yoghurt Ice Blended – IDR 29,000

Different than the strawberry, the mango taste a bit sour. However, I prefer this one because for me it’s more refreshing!

Peach Calpis Slurpee – IDR 29,000

Craving for something refreshing? This mocktail consist of soda that could make your eyes blink rapidly fast when you zip it for the first time. Don’t forget to blend it first because it’s really sweet on the bottom.

Thai Milk Tea – IDR 20,000

Nowadays, the popularity of Thai Milk Tea is indeed increasing. If you want to try the authentic thai milk tea, D&K Dessert could be one of your options. Flavourful and really Thai indeed!

Blackcoffee Ice – IDR 35,000

Fancy for some coffee? This beverages allow you to pour your own coffee inside the glass, so it feels more aunthentic if you drink the coffee. Don’t worry the taste is not that bitter and well balanced with the milk.

Frappe Cappucino – IDR 29,000

If you can’t drink a strong coffee, you could order the frappe instead. However, for me the frappe is too sweet and the cappucion taste is not really there.

Hot Chocolate Marshmallow – IDR 35,000

For those who want some comfort during rainy season and cold weather, hot chocolate is always the best option. Served with marshmallow, it’s best if you zip it while its warm.
Overall, eating inside D&K Dessert & Cafe Shop is not merely about dessert. You could enjoy their other selections of meals such as the gyudon or karage. With an affordable price (around IDR 100,000 for 2 people), surely this place could be one of your alternatif while looking for a place to hang out in Pantai Indah Kapuk area. 

D&K Dessert & Cafe Shop

Ruko Cordoba Blok E No 5 Kapuk, Pantai Indah Utara 1, RT 6 RW 2,
Pantai Indah Kapuk – Jakarta Utara

Thanks, reader(s)!

[Megan Faustine]




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