Halo Niko! – When Greek Blends Perfectly with Javanese

Last Saturday, I was invited by Zomato (Kak Shabrina & friends) to have Zomato Meet Up that includes lunch + cooking workshop together with another zomato foodies. The venue itself is at Halo Niko! It’s my first Zomato Meet Up ever, and I’m so excited to join in! 


The name of Halo Niko! is implying to the Chef / the owner of Halo Niko!, which is Niko. It is a Greek combined with Javanese restaurants that is owned by a couple. The chef, Niko, is originally come from Greece and his wife, Mbak Kika is from Java, Indonesia. The one who design the super cute, cozy, plus homey interior of Halo Niko! is Mbak Kika. There are a lot of favorite spots that I super love here.

This one is totally my fave!

Besides Halo Niko! they actually have another place just right next to it, which is Kembang Kencur plus a clothing store. The place in Kembang Kencur is bigger than Halo Niko! So if there’s customer who wants to held some events, they can use Kembang Kencur rather than Halo Niko! Just for example, The Zomato Meet Up is held in Kembang Kencur.

Kembang Kencur Wall Ornament
If you take a look carefully, Halo Niko! use the “Teko” ornament, hanging on the wall as a lamp. Besides the function which is a water storage, “Teko” in Javanese languange means “Come” so they believe that more people will come to the restaurant.

Niko, he’s preparing the food for us!! 


Banana Chocochips Cake

When the foodies ask Niko, “what is the name of this dish?” Chef Niko said “Roti Pisang” and we all just laugh! Well, it’s more than just “Roti Pisang”, believe me! It’s really flavorful, I can feel the banana and the chocochips just make it perfect. It doesn’t use any egg and butter, so it’s kinda healthy and no guilty feeling! *wink


There are 3 kind of menus that is provided by Halo Niko! for us

1. Souvlaki Chicken

Caution: BIG PORTION!! 
Believe me, it’s totally huge! It’s like a Kebab, but very much larger and it uses prata bread to wrap the fillings and the prata is not fried. 
The fillings itself consist of Chicken (slices, just like Kebab Meat), vegetables (Tomatoes,etc), mayonnaise. The taste is super delicious! Even though I’m not a veggie, but I eat all the vegetables inside it! Just imagine, the taste must be so incredible, LOL.

2. Greek Salad

The real Greek Salad!
Unfortunately, I don’t try this one because I’m not a fan of salad and vegetables. Yeah, I’m rarely eat vegetables *the blame is on me, I know* 

3. Mama Moussaka

This is so damn good!
The Sweet Cassava
I think this dish is THE WINNER! It’s similar to a lasagna, but it’s much more delicious than lasagna, believe me. With the cheese covering the super tender beef and other stuffs inside, it’s really mouth watering. You can eat it with the sweet casava. Again, even though I’m not a veggie, I eat the eggplant inside the moussaka! Yes, it is my first time ever to eat an eggplant, can you believe that? I’m also so proud of myself right now, hahaha!


Vanilla Lime

This drink taste like a melted pudding. Even there’s lime in it, you can barely taste it, which is really nice for me! Totally a refreshing one.



Niko show us how to make the Bugatsa and I even had a chance to make it (not from 0 of course, they already provide the dough and the fillings, I just need to combine it together)
FYI, Bugatsa is a greek milk cream pie that is fried and then served with cinnamon and sugar. The skin is so crispy! On the contrary, the fillings is so smooth and soft even after the frying process. Yum Yum! Serve it with hot tea and your day is perfect!
The preparation
The Demo

Tara!! This is it! The Bugatsa!

What I really love here is that the food doesn’t use MSG at all. It’s all home made, so be patient while waiting for the food, okay? Just relax and enjoy your time here like you’re home! The owner is super friendly too, feel free to chit chat with them!
P.S : I really love the slogan, Halo Niko! Banyak Makan, Banyak Teman ! :)) 
I just can’t wait for another zomato foodies meet up event(s) ;p

Halo Niko!
The Promenade, Lantai Basement 2
Jl. Buncit Raya No. 98, Pasar Minggu
Jakarta Selatan
Phone: 021 – 29704981 ext. 151
More information? VISIT HERE

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