JW Marriott: Insta Meet Surabaya!

I know it’s kinda late to post this since the event was on December 2014. 
But, there’s no word for too late for a blogpost right? 😉 
Actually, the reason I’m super late to post this is because I was waiting for the announcement of the winner of Insta Eat Photo Competition (well, who knows I win it right?) then, I’ll post about the whole Insta Meet Event + The Winner Announcement. 
Unfortunately, I didn’t win the Insta Eat Photo Competition :'(
Well, I still having fun and thanks for inviting me once again, JW Marriott Surabaya!!
The famous #handsinframe and I add #camerainframe
What is actually Insta Meet Event Surabaya?
Insta Meet Event Surabaya is held by JW Marriott Surabaya. The purpose is to market their restaurants even more – well, of course – and connects all the food lovers / bloggers / anything related to food addict together while enjoying foods provided by The Pavilion.
Not only that, JW Marriott also invites ko Jiewa inijie, one of the famous food blogger in Surabaya to share about his photo tips and tricks to us.
There were 20 participants invited, and one of them was me! 😉
The announcement! @meganfaustine is me 😉

Insta Meet Surabaya: The Schedule

So, what were we doing exactly in here?
On 2 p.m, the participants start to arrive on The Pavilion one by one. I was a bit late because of the Traffic, but fortunately I’m not the last person who arrives in here. 
I had a chance to taste The Pavilion Buffet at that day (Read the review below) for about one hour before the session with ko Jiewa begins. Ah, I should get there earlier to eat more and more, hahaha!
On 3 p.m, the session with ko Jiewa begins. He’s basically talking about his photography journey and how he becomes a famous food photographer + blogger + instagrammer to us. Not to forget, the tips and tricks to get a very nicely done photo! It’s really inspiring and I got a lot of new knowledges. Thanks, ko jie!
Eksis with ko Jie
After the session, then JW Marriott specially giving us some menus to be captured. The purpose is of course to apply what ko Jie has shared to us. The theme is all about the ambiance of eating inside JW Marriott. It was really fun and kinda crowded, because all of us is trying to get the perfect angle. Of course, there are plenty of tables provided for the 20 of us, so we all get a chance to take the food picture. 
Trust me, that drink is super delicious and refreshing!
It’s a soup, and not a drink!
The prawn is so beautiful and well-cooked, right?

Even though there are no closing, JW Marriott already said that we feel enough taking pictures, then we can go back home because the whole event already finished. I close it with taking a picture with ko Jie. He’s a nice person and very kind. 

I hope that I can join the next and next event with JW Marriott or with ko Jie again!

The Pavilion Review

Yes, we’re going to the last and the most exciting part, the food review!
There are plenty choices that you can eat in The Pavilion, such as western food, salad, bread, noodles, ramen, and so on. To be honest, the taste is fine, but it’s not really wow. I don’t get any “wow” moment while eating it. I enjoy eating all kinds of the main course there, though!
Some of the desserts serve in The Pavilion
But then… the dessert is SUPER AWESOME!! I try all the desserts one by one and I can’t pick my favourite one until now. Well, maybe it’s the rainbow cake? Ah, no no no! All of the desserts are my favourite ever! I’ll definitely come back for more desserts in the Pavilion and I recommend The Pavilion to all the food lovers in Surabaya!
JW Marriott Surabaya – The Pavilion
Jl. Embong Malang No. 85 – 89 
Surabaya 60261
Phone : +6231 – 5458888
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