Macaroni House Pesanggrahan: Cheese and Beef Overload!

Located on Jl. Pesanggrahan, I never expect this street will have so many yummy restaurants that I’ve never heard plus never taste before. Luckily, it was Saturday and the traffic condition was normal. I went to the meet up using UBER ride (yes, I got IDR 100,000 promo voucher from Zomato ). Let me tell you a bit about my UBER ride,  okay?


UBER is an online taxi application that is already really famous abroad, especially in the America. In Indonesia, UBER is only available in Jakarta at the moment. To order an UBER, all you need to do is register, then put in your credit card number, and done! You can order a taxi in one click. 

What I like about UBER is that, they’re having a car like Xenia, Avanza, and any other that can pick up more than 5 people. Plus, you don’t need to bring cash, because all the fare will be charge in your credit card. Thanks to technology, you can also track your location, your driver location, and also the destination. You won’t get lost!

The BEST thing, if you sign up using this link below, you will get a credit of IDR 75,000 , which means : FREE RIDE!! 

You can sign up here: FREE RIDE IDR 75,000 (Yes, you’re welcome!)

Using UBER, I arrive at Macaroni House around 12.15 p.m. Just the perfect time before the meet up event started! As usual, because it is a meet up, I meet a lot of new friends here! Ah, I always feel super happy to meet people who love to eat – a LOT – and photography – like me.

The owner and Zomato crew greet us nicely and introduce us to one another. In my surprise, even though Macaroni House served what people called a “fatty” and “unhealthy” dish, but Macaroni House made an exception! They always use the best ingredients to keep us healthy – like using soya milk, and any other safe ingredients for their food. Wow, a big applause for that!



Pizza Bite – IDR 20,000

The shape of this pizza is like a super mini “Pastel”. I don’t know what it’s called in English, but if you’re Indonesian, you know what I mean right? Of course, because it’s a pizza, the filling is not like usual Pastel. I think it contains of some beef, tomato, and other spices. Mini but yummy!

Baked Potato Carbonara – IDR 35,000

Oh wow, I totally love this one! The owner is super nice, she warm it again for all of us. The potato is super smooth; I can taste the cheese and the beef. I just can’t stop eating this one until the very last bite!

Smoked Beef Macaroni – IDR 40,000

Macaroni is one of my favorite dishes ever. This smoked beef macaroni has been nominated in the 2nd place of my favorite macaroni! Well, the 1st place belongs to my grandmother 😉 


Curry Rice with Chicken Katsu – IDR 39,000

The rice is nicely-blend together with the curry. That’s why the colour is red. On top of it, there’s some chicken katsu to enjoy with. I can still a bit of chilli in the flavor, and I really like it! If you really can’t stand chilli, then this one maybe not your favorite. 

Baked Spaghetti Snowball – IDR 41,000 

OH MY! Please, I’m craving for this dish while writing the review. It tastes really savoury, especially the snowball – it’s a beef ball with MELTED CHEESE inside! Yes, melted cheese! Who can think any better idea than this? Super recommended & my favorite menu here!

Roll Lasagna – IDR 41,000

Not like any other lasagna, the lasagna is served with one like “kulit pangsit”. It mostly contains beef. As always, the taste is heavenly!


Lapis Selendang – off menu

This dessert consists of 3 layers. Do you know “bubur sumsum”, one of the traditional Indonesian dessert? The top layer of this dessert taste like that! The second layer is like a pandan pudding, and the third layer, very bottom part is “Ketan Hitam”. Then, on top of it you pour red sugar syrup to enjoy with! The taste is superb, and as a fan of dessert, this one is a must try!

Baked Chocolate Muffin – off menu

I think this one is off from their menu. The owner baked a super comfort chocolate food for all of us. I love the taste of the dark chocolate, it really yum! I wish it was a lava cake, so the taste will be like triple yum!


Shake Strawberry Yakult – IDR 20,000

When there’s a food, of course there’s a drink! Using like 80% yakult, this drink is super healthy and contains less water! You can say, a pure strawberry yakult. The taste of course yummy! A perfect, refreshing drink together with all the savoury food.

Green Tea – IDR 13,500

The owner served additional green tea so we won’t be too overwhelmed with the savoury food “supaya ga eneg, hahaha!” The green tea is having a very clear colour, and the taste calms my mood. 


Chicken with Smoked Beef, Cheese, Mushroom Sauce & Mash Potato (Shroom Chicken) – IDR 48,000

As Joshua (the owner’s kid) requested, the owner give us another dish, which looks like a chicken katsu. Joshua said that this one is his favorite, and I agree with him! What I like the most is the mushroom sauce, because it’s so creamy and the mushroom taste great!

Take away Smoked Beef Macaroni

Overwhelmed by all the food serve by the owner, she still give each of us a take away smoked beef macaroni! Oh my, of course I’m super happy! I’ll eat that as my dinner! 😉

Overall, My tummy and I really enjoying our time in Macaroni House. I always love to eat beef & cheese. Yeah, I’m a savoury addict!! I really envy with Joshua, the owner’s kid. He must be super happy to eat all of those delicious dishes, everyday! I really appreciate the warm welcome, the overwhelming food, the bonus food, plus another bonus the take away macaroni! Thanks again, Zomato and Macaroni House!

P.S: They accept online order!

JL. Pesanggrahan No. 168B, Puri Indah, Jakarta
Phone : +6221-29704981 ext: 244

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