Mercure, Trimurti Restaurant : Hello Buffet, We Meet Again !

Two days ago, I got a “late” birthday invitation from my IBM friends.
Turns out, the invitation is for a buffet dinner at Trimurti Restaurant in Mercure Hotel Surabaya.

It’s been a long time since I had a buffet dinner and I kinda miss it. Hahahaha.
Well, I’m preparing myself to try all the yummy food on the table 😉

Food & Beverages

There are not so many options regarding the buffet provided by Mercure.
It has 4 main sections for the buffet, let’s review it one by one.

First section (located on the very left side from the entrance)
It’s where the main course is located. You can found Tempura, Cawan Mushi, Curry, Soup, Noodle, Crocket Beef (I think), Japanese Noodle with Black Soup, and two other foods which I forgot the name and I didn’t try.
They served it with onion rings. Actually the Tempura taste good and very crunchy, but I forgot to put the seasoning at the first time, that’s why it taste really plain. So my advice, don’t forget to put the seasoning guys!
–Cawan Mushi–
You can say this is my favourite dish from this side. The texture is really soft, and there are some surprises like mushroom, shrimp, and fish inside that makes it even more delicious 🙂
I only taste the soup because they provide it with ribs and it’s kinda hard to eat that’s why I’m lazy to try it.
Taste really good! I really love the taste of the soup. The colour is yellow but the taste is awesome.
I don’t like this one. It contains cheese and also some meat, but I think it’s already cold. Maybe that’s why the taste is kinda weird.
–Crocket Beef–
They served this one with “Kerupuk” as the side this. Both the beef and the “Kerupuk” taste really good! Food note : the crocket contains a large onion, if you’re not an onion lover maybe you’ll hate this one. But if you ask me, I totally love it.
–Japanese Noodle with Black Soup–
The name is not long like that, it has a shorter name but I forgot what it is. Start with a “K”, I guess.
It consists of noodles, bean sprouts, carrots and some vegetables. Even though the colour of the soup is black, it does taste good. I think if it’s a bit warmer, it will be more delicious.

Second Section (Located on the middle)
This second section provide sushi, salad, fruits, and ice cream
Well, I’m not a sushi lover, that’s why I didn’t try much for the Sushi.
I only pick the ones that do not contain anything raw, too much vegetables, and avocado. (Yes, I hate these three things)
The nori taste good, the meat, cucumber, sticky rice also taste great. Quite good!

It’s delicious but I expect the mayo to be yummier than that, hahaha.

Ice Cream–
The ice cream is really yummy and I can’t stop eating it even though I know what ice cream brand that they use *a little disappointed though because I expect more*

Third Section (Located on the bottom, the very right side from the entrance)
This one is really my favourite section out of all!
On the third section, they only provide Grill food. The chef also doing the grill near the place.
I’m truly in love with this one! The taste is really perfect and I just love the seasonings. Crave for more!
–Blackpepper Beef–
The beef is really tender and it’s actually taste great, but I think too much pepper that’s why the taste is kinda not balance
–Dori Fish–
You need to add more seasonings because the Dori taste really plain. I don’t really like the Dori.

Fourth Section (Located on the middle)
The last one is of course reserved by dessert!

There are many kind of desserts provided in this area (I think more than 10 choices) including some refreshments and puddings. They also provide some syrups for the toppings (well, I tried the chocolate one and feel disappointed because again I know the brand by tasting it and I expect for more)

The overall taste of the cake is okay, but I expect more than that. All the texture of the cake is very soft.
The yummiest cake maybe is the pink one.
The pudding taste okay too, but I need more sweetness in the pudding.

Even though it’s Sunday night, there aren’t many people around. It feels like we rent the whole space!
I love the service, all the waiter is really nice and very helpful. They refill the mineral water even though we haven’t ask, clean up our empty plate when we get up to grab another food. When I ask for a new spoon and fork, they also respond really quick. Love the service!

Can you guess which one is me?I’m in the black dress with the brown necklace!
The Whole Team! Thank you guys 🙂

Trimurti Restaurant / Mercure Hotel
Phone: +6231 – 5623000
Jl. Raya Darmo 68 – 78, Surabaya

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