Momi & Toy’s : Japan Creperie Choices to Die For!

Dessert is always be my favorite, comfort food. That is why I got super super excited to go to Momi & Toy’s Creperie in Lippo Mall Kemang. Located on the 3rd floor, it’s not like any ordinary take away crepe store, instead the concept is a Cafe.
Momi & Toy’s is originally came from Japan, and they are a franchise company. The name “Momi” itself is the owner’s name. At first, I’m sure you thought “Momi” means “Mommy” just like me! Hahahaha. Well, at least now you know, right? 😉
As you can see from the wallpaper decoration, Momi & Toy’s is specializing on Crepe (Sweet & Savory). All of the crepe dough is home-made by Momi & Toy’s, as well as their several sauces (i.e : Green Tea).
When you walk in the cafe, you could see a lot of Japanese style decoration, as well as Japan Tourist & Cultural pictures hanging on the wall.
The wall that caught my attention is the “Wall of Momi&Toy’s Fame.” Turns out that Momi & Toy’s is having a Crepe-Class for kids (age 4 – 12 years old) regularly. For more information, you could ask the waiter there or contact the phone number listed on the brochure. Kids that join the class will be photograph and Momi & Toy’s crew will put it on the wall. All of the photos are super cute!
Even though their concept is cafe, for customers who wants to take away their order could come to the cashier, and order there. Momi & Toy’s also have an open kitchen for the crepe, where you could see the process on making your crepe. Your waiting will never be boring here.

Special of The Month

(14th May – 12th June 2016, only at Momi & Toy’s Lippo Mall Kemang)

Lucky me, when I got there, I got a chance to try their special menus (waffle, yeayy!!) of the month, accompany by the Regional Marketing Manager (he’s a Japanese that could speak Bahasa Indonesia – I know, cool right? ) and also the Marketing Manager from Indonesia, Ms. Uni.

Nutella Cheese Waffle (2pcs) – IDR 29,900

I always love dessert in its original form. The waffle texture is so chewy, soft, and smooth. No wonder of course, because the dough is home-made with love 😉
It taste not to sweet, and blends perfectly with the cheese, nutella and the chocolate sauce. I’d love to have this with english breakfast tea for my breakfast.

Nutella Banana Waffle – IDR 44,900

Still using the same waffle-dough, this time Momi & Toy’s combine it with chocolate & vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, nutella, chocolate pocky, bananas, and some nougat peanuts. No need to ask me, of course this one taste heavenly yummy to me! Who doesn’t love waffle with choco or even vanilla ice cream?

Matcha Nutella Waffle – IDR 54,900

For matcha lovers, Momi & Toy’s also have the choice of Matcha ice cream & Matcha sauce. The matcha sauce is home-made and taste super duper good! The other difference is in this menu, they’re using Marshmallow (yum yum!).

All Day Sweet Crepes Menu

Matcha Nutella – IDR 29,900

Looking for an ordinary crepes, with matcha sensation? Then I will recommend Matcha Nutella, since the green tea flavor is super strong and I’m sure could attract all the matcha lovers out there. Psst… you could take away this menu ! 😉

Premium Crepes

Black & White – IDR 59,900

For those of you who wants to order their premium or signature menus, you could try this “Black and White” crepe. The crepe is rolled into an ellipse shape, and there are 3 different toppings in each of the crepes. There are Nutella, Peanut Butter, and Toblerone. My favorite one will be the Nutella because I love chocolate too much! Don’t forget to blend it with the vanilla ice cream, okay?

Chewy chewy, I bet you’re drooling right now, because I do !! LOL.

Toblerone Chocolate & Cheese – IDR 59,900

I could say that this is – still & maybe forever will be – my favorite menu from Momi & Toy’s. The crepe texture is so soft, the cream inside is smooth and super creamy-savory, the grated toblerone & cheese, the thick chocolate sauce, the vanilla ice cream, and the nougat all blends really well together. A comfort food indeed !


Momi & Toy’s Original Fruit Tea – IDR 34,900

This tea has a unique taste, with a peach flavor & scent hint. Mix together with mint leaves, lemon, lychee, and peach, this fruit tea is definitely must try – hot or ice – You could share this drink with 3 – 5 persons.

OH MY GOD, I want to go here and try the crepe! Well, don’t forget to drop by Momi & Toy’s creperie, and you could take a look at their menus there. There are also informations on the current promo & the special menus of the month. Simply ask the waiter, because they’ll happily assist you 😉
**Born To Bite visit Momi & Toy’s Creperie on 19th May 2016

MOMI & TOY’s Creperie

Address : Lippo Mall Kemang (3rd Floor)
Jl.Pangeran Antasari No. 36, Kemang
Mampang Prapatan – Jakarta selatan
(Availalble on 4 other branches : Senayan, Karawaci, Jatisampurna and Gandaria)


Additional Information

Available : Baby Chair, Wi-Fi, Electrical Socket, Magazine

Franchise Opportunity
Crepes Cooking Class for Children (4 – 12 y.o)
Crepes Competition (event only)
Special menu of the month

Thanks, reader(s)!

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