Omah Sendok Jakarta: Feels Like Your Very Own Home!

“Omah” is a Javanese language of “Rumah”. In English, “Rumah” or “Omah” means a house. In the other hand, “Sendok” is a spoon. But, it doesn’t mean that it is the house of spoon, hahaha! The name consist “Sendok” because it is located in Taman Mpu Sendok road, in Senopati area.


It’s kinda tricky and your vehicles need to be slow in order to find the place. When you find The Harvest in Senopati street, you need to take turn left until you find yourself in the middle of a housing complex. Just keep straight, and on your left side you’ll find Omah Sendok, which apparently really looks like an ordinary house.

The Ambiance: Indoor v.s Outdoor

“Omah Sendok” was an ordinary house before it was transformed into a restaurant / wedding / arisan(gossiping within housewives) / birthday / any other occasion places. As I went inside, I feel like I was walking into a home.
In the front area, you’ll find the indoor restaurant, where there’s also a private room that you can book and also a small Batik store (yes, they sell batik!). I love the details of the design here. It’s so authentic, so Javanese, and so homey! See the Buddha statue / picture there? Well, try to walk, and the Buddha face’s will follow you! So unique.
The private room
I love the ornament inside the house!
The small batik store
As for me, Kak Yenny already reserved the tables on the backyard for all of us. You’ll need to walk through a path until you reach the backyard. Surprise surprise, in the backyard there’s some restaurant tables, and also a swimming pool! Yes, this place can fit up to 400 people (standing party). If you want to celebrate any occasion here, I think this is the perfect private place (well, consider about pool party?)
Together with other foodies/bloggers
So green, so nature right?
A great place to chill out!
Love all the little touch done here!
Okay then, let’s go to the food review!

3 Soon-To-Be-Launch Menus!

The reason I went to Omah Sendok is because Kak Yenny invited me to try their soon-to-be-launch menus (so excited!!). Let’s take a peek on what menus they’ll be launching real soon!

Nasi Ijo

As the name implies, Nasi Ijo really consists of rice with green colour. Served with well-cooked chicken, sambal dabu-dabu, and with Baby Kaylan as the condiment, I bet you must be fall in love with this menu. I can barely taste the vegetables (Yes, it’s using vegetables to make the rice becomes green) The chicken is so tender, and the sambal dabu-dabu is superb! If you love to eat chilli, maybe you should request for a hotter sambal 😉

Ayam Woku

Dominated by yellow colour, the rice is combined with corns. The chicken meat itself is really tender, and blends well with the gravy. Taste perfect and there’s nothing I could complain about this dish. It’s really a nice choice for lunch. Especially when you eat this in Omah Sendok, near the pool side while enjoying the fresh air.

Bandeng Parape

Not like any other Bandeng, the meat of the Bandeng fish is already mashes and blends with Kunyit and any other herbs. That’s why the meat colour is yellow, and it looks like a crumb rather than a fish meat. Without any small bones, you could easily pick the mashed fish meat, together with the crisp outside. It’s easy to eat, taste delicious, healthy even for your kids!

Signature Dishes

Kue Pancong – IDR 12,000

Best served while hot, this is one of my favorite Kue Pancong so far! It’s so fluffy, and I love the strawberry syrup plus the whip cream. A great choice to start or even to end your dine in!

Asinan Omah – IDR 22,000

I’m not a vegetable lover or even love Asinan Betawi, but maybe this time I’ll make an exception. The vegetable is really fresh – it’s even crunchy! – and I love the asinan sauce! Eat it with “Kerupuk” and yes, you’ll crave for more. Super refreshing! I think this is a suitable dish if you held an Arisan.

Soto Tangkar – IDR 51,000

Having a beef ribs inside the soup, this dish is best served while warm, together with warm rice. The beef ribs itself is super tender, you don’t have to spend a lot of energy to bite the meat. For me, it’s a biiittt too salty, but if you eat it with warm rice, the taste would be perfect. I bet my dad will love this one, hahaha!

Bestik Jawa – IDR 60,000

Eating Bestik Jawa reminds me of Selat Solo, one of the traditional main course in Solo. The difference is that Bestik Jawa is served with a sauce, not a soup like Selat Solo. The meat is sweet, tender, the potato is really easy to chew, the vegetables are perfectly cooked. No wonder that this one is the signature dish of Omah Sendok.

Bandeng Bakar

If you go here with your family or even friends, you might want to order this one. The Bandeng fish is tender, and the sauce is really nice. Don’t forget to squeeze the lime before eating the fish. If you want to feel more sensation, eat it with your hands! 😉


Es Remuk Coklat – IDR 32,000

Chocolate never fails me, as well as this drink! Together with the whip cream, this chocolate drink is super tasty and refreshing. Eventhough the portion is already large (about 20cm high), I wish it has a chocolate chips inside with big big portion, hahaha!

Es Remuk Coffee – IDR 32,000

For coffee lovers, this one is a great choice. Even though the coffee is not that strong – it is extremely light – but you still can taste the coffee inside it.

Kopi Peras

If you’re a true coffee lovers, then you should order Kopi Peres. The coffee smells and taste really good – it’s using a real coffee beans! I’d love to order this coffee, with fried banana (pisang goreng) or even hot kue pancong, sit on a table near the pool, together with my laptops and doing my freelance writing job. Sounds like a great idea?
So yes, if you’re looking for authentic Indonesian restaurant, Omah Sendok is great choice! Don’t forget to try their new menus if you go there!

Bonus: Behind The Scene!!




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Omah Sendok
Jl. Taman Mpu Sendok No. 45 Jakarta Selatan (Near Senopati Area)
Ph: 021 – 5214531


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