Paradise Dinasty: A True Paradise for Chinese Food Lovers!

I heard that they’re really famous for its Xiao Long Bao, but I didn’t eat one because I’m not really a fan of true xiao long bao (mix flavours, usually there are ginger, vegetables, pork > mostly, etc) 
Beef Sze-Chuan La-Mian – IDR 90,000
Caution: It’s spicy!
For spicy food lovers, you definitely love this one!
For me, I don’t really like it because the chilli flavour is just true strong for me 
(I can’t eat a very spicy food)
The beef is really tender and the La Mian is actually really good.
My mom love it anyway. 

Ma Po ToFu – IDR 60,000
The tofu is really soft – it breaks when the chopsticks hit it on the side. 
The sauce is also great, but it contains ginger 
and yess, I don’t eat ginger so I didn’t really like it.
Well, my mom and dad love it very much 

I think it’s my mom and dad eating time, isn’t it? Because all the food is their fav, not mine. hahahaha!

Kungpao Prawn – IDR 80,000
Wow! I cannot stop eating this one.
The combination between the sauce and the prawns (yes, the size is big, don’t worry) is really delicious! 
Take a look carefully at the dish, because there are so many almond nuts “Kacang Mente” hidden there! 
You won’t miss it because the taste is also good!
This is my favourite menu ini here 😉

Hedgedog Bun – IDR 35,000
This one is really really cute until you won’t eat this!
Inside this bun is a mix between chocolate and read bean – truly melts and warm.
I love the taste and also the filling, it’s really rich.
Becareful because the filling is really full so it will spill around easily.

It’s really crowded! Especially when it’s lunch or dinner time.
So make sure to get your spot!

The service is really great. The waiter is so helpful by helping us choose the menu and he explain the menu to us clearly and patiently. 

Anyway, check out their chopstick wrapper, have you eat your xiao long bao in a right way? 😉

Paradise Dynasty

Ciputra World, Jl. Mayjend Sungkono
Plaza Senayan, Jl. Asia Afrika
Central Park, Jl. Letjen S. Parman

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