PIK : La Creperie – The Yummiest Crepes in Town!

It feels a bit late to post this, but thank you zomato for the eating voucher!! 😉

Other good news, I’m a VERIFIED Foodie on Zomato!! *HORRAY!!* 

Anyway, back to my blog post.Pantai Indah Kapuk is pretty far far away from my place, but my journey here really worth the taste of La Creperie’s crepes.

One thing that I can say, I crave for more!!

When you arrived, they will show you the favourite menu through a Tablet. 
Pick one of the suggested menu, because it’s really the right choice to make, hahaha!

Food & Beverages
Let me start with the winner, which is The Ovomaltine Banana Crepes! – IDR 65,000
It really melts in my mouth! I can’t stop eating the crepes. 
The combination of the banana, the gelato, chocolate, and the crepes just perfect!

Forgot the crepes name, but it’s the chocolate one in the picture”
That one taste really great! Really crispy, you’ll dieee for the chocolate

Beef Potato Munchkins – IDR – 32,000
You’ll get 5 pieces, and eat it before it gets cold!
Taste yum, it’ll really great if you eat it after / before the crepes. 

Sunrise Delight – IDR 26,500
So refreshing!
I can finish this drink in only 5 minutes, haha.
They add cherry on top, and it’s really sweet!

Nutella Frappe – IDR 39,500

Well, whatever comes with Nutella always taste great! 
Really a good choice if you combine it with the Ovomaltine (well, fat overloaded but taste amazing!)

The waiter is really nice, the service also fast!
Don’t really like the light though, it’s a little bit dark and I’m having difficulties to take a picture because there will always be a shadow in the food picture.

Just like a regular cafe. There are nothing special.

What I dislike:
Because it has the same owner with the beside restaurant, when you want to go to restroom, you must go to their other restaurant. Feels kinda weird for me.
it will be better if they put a restroom in each of the restaurant. 

La Creperie’s
Ruko Crown Golf, Blok D, Bukit Golf Mediterania
Jl. Marina Indah Raya, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara
Phone : 021 – 29525754

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