PIK : Melpot, Unexpected Delicacies!

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It’s not hard to find this restaurant since it’s located in the middle of PIK crowd and the symbol of the name is really unique. 
At first, I thought it’s a Chinese food restaurant based on the name and also the symbol of the pot, turns out it serves western and Indonesian food. 

Food, Beverages & Price 
Overall, affordable food with delicious taste!

Fish and Chips – IDR 55,000
Crunchy, delicious, yummy! It’s served on this metal bowl (looks like frying pan)
It’s very recommended if you want to share food with your friends. 

Potato Boat – IDR 35,000
it’s really delicious! The potato is very soft, and the top of it there are some sauce and meat. 
In the bottom of the potato, there’s a potato skin, and for me, it’s a little bit to hard to chew, and I don’t like the taste (but well, my brother like it though)

Chicken Cordon Blue – IDR 40,000
They serve it with mash potato. The texture is so smooth and soft. 
I can’t stop eating the mash potato! 
For the chicken, it’s very tender and the sauce is good!

Fettucini Carbonara – IDR 40,000
Well, for me it’s lack of seasoning. But the taste is fine though.

Summer Breeze – IDR 25,000
This is recommended! I can imagine that I’m on a beach and having a tan while drinking this drink.
It’s so refreshing!

Iga Goreng – IDR 60,000
The taste is like usual Iga, it’s delicious, and they serve it with rice. 

When I went here, there are only few people.
They have a flat screen TV so you won’t get bored while waiting for the food.
The people next to me smoke – well, I don’t really like it since the smoke come to my table.
It’s a place where you can hang around with your friends and having a chit chat for a long time. 

Nothing special about the decoration. 
They have dim light, making this place look like a bar in the night.

Service Kinda slow, because there are only few people but I need to wait about 25 minutes to get my order.
The waiter is really nice! When I ask for electricity to charge my phone, he drag this electric cable from the tree and then give it to me. 

Phone : +6221 – 56983475
Ruko Cordoba, Blok F No. 9-10
Bukit Golf Mediterania, Jl. Marina Indah Raya
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta, Indonesia

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