PIK : Sumoboo’s Sweet Treat

It was a very long queue to get here, but it still fine because I can try other restaurant while waiting for the queue. 

Boo! Kakigori – IDR 30,000
Super duper cute! The ice cream taste good, the pudding on the bottom also taste yum! 
Unfortunately, too much ice. and seriously? Strawberry jam above the ice ? …..
Only good for taking pictures. 

Sumoboo Dessert – IDR 35,000
Delicious!! One of my fav bubble dessert ever.
I choose vanilla ice cream, and I just can’t stop eating it!
So milky, sweet, taste perfect!
This one is super recommended.

Sumoboo Grass Jelly – IDR 38,000
Taste so – so. Maybe because I pick the wrong ice cream, which is strawberry, that’s why it taste weird.

Japanese mochi – IDR 8,000
It’s so small but taste awesome! I love this.

Nutella Bomb Ball – IDR 15,000
It’s like a “Bakpao” with nutella fillings inside. Nutella taste good, but so-so for the Bakpao.
The filling should be add a bit more to get the taste.

Affordable price compare to the portion and the taste, don’t you think?

Cute and fresh with the yellow colour. 
I think the Boo! Kakigori is their icon.

That day, I sat near the kitchen on the first floor, and God, it smells very bad. We want to change chair but we can’t because it’s full. 
You can use a spray or something to make the smell go away. 

This area smell really bad

Hire one person or at least have one person that can speak English.
When I want to put my name on the waiting list, there are two foreigners that want to eat there, unfortunately the waiter can’t speak English and the foreigner can’t speak Indonesian at all.
So I help them to get into their waiting list. 
I didn’t mean to show off, but there’s no Thank You from the waiter.
The one that make it worst is that when I register for the waiting list and how long I must wait for the Queue, she answer it coldly.

Phone : +6221 – 96628677
Ruko Crown Golf, Blok D, Bukit Golf Mediterania
Jl. Marina Indah Raya, Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta, Indonesia

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