Ritz Carlton : Elegantly Delicious Fine Dining at Lobo Restaurant

Hello there! I got a chance to visit Lobo at The Ritz Carlton Mega Kuningan, Jakarta, to have a lunch together with some foodies. As I walk in, I was mesmerized by the interior of Ritz Carlton, particularly Lobo restaurant. It’s super elegant, fancy, and contemporary.
As I approach the dining table, where some foodies have arrived before me, one waiter smoothly direct me to my chair. He slide the chair for me and as I sat down, he opened up the table napkin professionally. For the first impression, it was a very satisfying service.

Fresh Bread with Butter Selections – Complimentary

One of the waiter brought us a table full of fresh bread selections. They look so yummy and just came out from the oven! I tried some breads, and also with the butter selections. The butter flavors are ranging from original butter until onion butter-mix. A good start to fill your time and tummy, while waiting for the Appetizers.


Amouse Bouche (Three Small Bites)

Eventhough the size is small, but the flavor is rich! Super love the soup broth, it’s so tasty and heart-warming. Feels like I’m home and my grandmother is cooking the soup for me. A great start for our lunch, indeed.

King Prawn Carpaccio – IDR 175,000

Who knows that this is actually a prawn? Made from Fresh Prawn, Mixed Leafs, Dried Pineapple, Keffir Lime Oil, Lime Cilantro Dressing, and Peanut, this dish is super refreshing & watery, definitely could taste the prawn once you bite on the food. The presentation is unique, the salad is also fresh, and that dried pineapple is to die for.

Creamy Soup of Wild Mushroom  – IDR 150,000

The Chef who served us today originally came from France. He said, in France, whenever and wherever you eat, you must start with a soup. That’s why, he personally cooked for us this smooth, tasty, and flavorful mushroom soup. Consist of Roasted Mushroom, Cappucino Foam, and Basil Oil, it’s best served when warm. Honestly, this soup is going to my number 1 list as the most delicious & favorite soup.
Ah, before I move on to the next, mouth watering dish, I want to tell you that the uniqueness of Lobo Restaurant at Ritz Carlton Mega Kuningan Jakarta – and this one reason make me fell in love with Lobo Restaurant – is their service & presentation. They don’t serve us the food like in a usual restaurant. They serve the food, and then do some “Attraction” in front of us, for example adding the spices to our food, or even pouring the soup to our bowl, grated the cheese for our tortellini, and so on. They’re showing that their food is fresh and their service is number one. Wow – super exciting and makes you feel deeply valued, right?


Foei Gras  Tortellini – IDR 225,000

Made from Home-made Pasta, Foei Gras Sauce, Orange, and Grated Cheese (optional), Foei Gras is one of my favorite dish ever, but this one is definitely a total bomb! You gotta eat it one whole at a time, and surprisingly it will pop out in your mouth! Yes, you’ll taste the sensation of the sauce blends together with the duck flavour – all around your mouth. I could say that the sensation is priceless.

Option I : Crispy Half Suckling Pig – IDR 875,000

Calling all the pork lovers!! If you are one of the pork squad, then you definitely need to try Lobo Crispy Half Sucking Pig with Apple Puree, Pineapple Lemongrass Puree, and Suckling Pig Gravy. The skin is so crispy, oily and tasty and that pig meat… so tender and juicy! A well-match with the gravy. However, I honestly said I don’t like both puree’s. According to my taste, savoury dish could not blend well with a sweet taste.

Option II : Grilled Fish (Seasonal)

Relax, for those who couldn’t eat or doesn’t like eating pork, you could also have the Grilled Fish as your main course. The fish availability is according to the season. It’s perfectly grilled and the fish meat is super tender. Melts in your mouth!


Mango Sorbet

A while after we finish our main course and having an interesting talk, the waiter came again to serve the dessert. As we are waiting for some “dessert performance” from the kitchen crew, Lobo restaurant serve a refreshing mango sorbet. To re-fresh our appetite.

Infused Ice Cream – in Art Platter – IDR 235,000

The kitchen crew brought a large table with lots of kitchen tools. The marketer from Ritz Carlton told us that the dessert we’re going to enjoy is an Infused Ice Cream with Art Platter. As starter, there’s a how to make infused ice cream demo (super fun!).
While one kitchen crew made / infused the ice cream, the other one start to make the art on the plate. He put varieties of sauce, some chocolate powder, lemon ice cream, and fruits.
Finally, the infused ice cream is on the plate, and we could smash the ice cream ball so it could break to pieces, making the art platter complete.
Taste refreshing, and the kitchen crew live performance or the process in making the infused ice cream art platter is super fun! A really great dessert choice to close our lunch session.
**Born To Bite visit Lobo Restaurant on March 2016


Address : The Ritz Carlton (Lobby Level)
Jl.DR. Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung Kav E1.1 No.1
Mega Kuningan – Setiabudi
Jakarta Pusat
Additional Information
Lobo Restaurant Operational hour :
Lunch : 12 PM – 2.30 PM
Dinner : 6 PM – 10 PM

Lobo Lounge and Terrace : 8 AM – 1 AM
Payment method : Cash, Credit Card, Debit

Thanks, reader(s)!

[Megan Faustine]



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