Tokyo Belly at Grand Indonesia : An Authentic Japanese Taste for Your Lucky Belly!

Before I went back to Surabaya, I got an invitation from Tokyo Belly (Thanks kak Nandya!) together with other 2 foodies to try their new & favorite menus in Grand Indonesia, Thamrin, Jakarta. I’m super excited and can’t wait to meet them!
I arrived just on time before the tasting begins, and the other foodies (Ci Daisy & her husband, Katto from Food Escape) with Kak Nandya already there. I say hi to them, and not so long Kak Nandya start this private events with telling us a bit about Tokyo Belly. In short, Tokyo Belly is part of the Ismaya Group, and it adapts Japanese traditional food but somehow they adapt with the Indonesian taste.
After the introduction, then Kak Nandya ask us to pick some of their new menus to be tried. Kak Nandya herself order lots of menus for us to try – trust me, I’m really full after that – and all of them are the best selling menus in Tokyo Belly. Well… I could see you drooling there 😉
How if we go directly to the reviews?


Salmon Sashimi – IDR 68,000

Who doesn’t love raw Salmon? Well, I surely do! Hahahaha!

Popcorn Shrimp Okonomiyaki – IDR 78,000

Japanese love ginger. That’s why, inside the okonomiyaki you can taste the ginger. However, it’s not overpowering so don’t worry ;). I love how crispy and crunchy the texture of the Okonomiyaki crust’s. My favorite one is ofcourse the popcorn shrimp on top of it. It’s really crispy but somehow creamy. I think it’s because of the mayo combination that gives the creaminess of the popcorn shrimp. If you miss Japan and wants to taste a great okonomiyaki, that this one is a nice choice.

My favorite sushi menus in Tokyo Belly !!


Rock & Roll – IDR 48,000

Do you love beef? Then this Sushi could be your favorite one, since it’s filled with beef and also have enoki mushroom! Yes, enoki and beef – what could gone wrong with that?

Dazzling – IDR 48,000

Guess what? The half round shape of the yellow thing above is actually an egg! Very cute, isn’t it? This is a roll fried salmon sushi with crispy panko, and it does taste crunchy. I think it’ll be a nice choice if you don’t like raw sushi.

Salmon Oyako – IDR 88,000

Wrapped with fresh salmon and topped by grilled cheese & salmon roe, this sushi is super light and refreshing. Since I love sushi, salmon is definitely one of my favorite 😉

Main Course

Carbonara Ramen – IDR 68,000

Carbonara? Isn’t it a pasta? Well, that’s the uniqueness of this menu! Even though Carbonara is usually used for a pasta, surprisingly it was also good when served with Ramen! I could taste how creamy and milky the soup is, and the half cook egg-yolk, they’re definitely my fave!

Crispy Cheesy Curry Dory Bi-Bim-Bap – IDR 69,000

There’s only one word to describe this – Yummy! I just couldn’t stop eating the rice and the curry gravy. The dory itself is super crispy, and I think this is a perfect main course for all ages. It’s a bi-bim-bap that you can’t resist!

Salmon Tamatoji – IDR 78,000

Directly cooked on top of the hotpot, you could taste the smoothness of the eggs and feel the salmon inside of it. It’s a perfect, hot soup & meal, especially when your stomach is not in a good condition. It’s a comfort food especially for your stomach 😉


Earthquake Hanito – IDR 58,000

This is one of the most favorite dessert in Tokyo Belly. It’s also really perfect for sharing, because the portion is super big! The bread is surprisingly buttery and the texture is really soft. I could visit Tokyo Belly again just to eat this dessert.


Fondue is like a number one dessert in Jakarta these days. We order the Green Tea Fondue with some marshmallows, strawberries, kiwies, and peaches.
Here’s a secret : if you also order the earthquake hanito, try to dip the bread inside the green tea fondue. Taste great? Yes, your welcome!


Strawberry Breeze – IDR 39,000

After feeling guilty eating all of the delicious food in Tokyo Belly, then let’s end it with zipping a healthy strawberry juice. Their juice menus are all the favorite beverages menu here, so feel free to pick whatever juice you wants!
Overall, I would really like to recommend Tokyo Belly to all of you, especially if you’re craving for an authentic Japanese Food or even desserts! You know, Earthquake Hanito and the fondue is always a perfect comfort food to end the day 😉
Tokyo Belly
Grand Indonesia West Mall, 3rd Floor, Jl. M.H. Thamrin
Ph: 021 – 23581090
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