TooTooMoo: Desserts you can’t resist!

Hello dessert lovers!

These days, a lot of teenager in Surabaya has been crazy about cafe.
I’ve heard about this cafe quite a lot from my friends, that’s why I decided to visit this place.
It’s located near a house complex (Kompleks Perumahan) at Darmo area.
The place is not that big, but you can easily find it because it has a yellow sign board which is TooTooMoo.

Rather than any other cafe that is really crowded, I prefer this one because it’s really comfy and not so many people around.

Love the menu!

Let’s go through their unresistable dessert and drinks, shall we?

Hot Cappuccino – IDR 22,000
You’ll get a free biscuit when you order this one.
The cappuccino taste great, perfect combination and not that sweet.
On the other hand, the free cookies taste really good! I think they made it by themselves because I spot that they’re also selling cookies.

Ice Latte Bubble Gum – IDR 30,000
I never heard that bubble gum can become a latte, that’s why I order this one.
If you expect the bubble gum to be sweet, then you shouldn’t order this.
It has a blue colour, the taste is not sweet, but I don’t know why I kinda love the taste.
I can feel the milk and the gum, and it blends perfectly without the sweetness.

Bonafi Leche – IDR 35,000
It likes a pie that has a crust circling the cake.
You can taste the caramel, banana, and also cream in it.
For me, the taste can be better if the banana taste sweet.
When I eat it, the banana feels a bit bitter.

Pudding Milk Raspberry – IDR 28,000
I really love this one!
It takes me to the sky when I eat this.
The pudding texture is so creamy, it melts in my throat 😉
I couldn’t stop eating eat and I can finish this in just 2 minutes, hahahaha!

It feels home, and you can chill around without all of those noises
There are also some magazine you can read, and also a TV
It’s a nice place to spend your time alone or even with your close friend.

The plus (+) point about TooTooMoo:
It doesn’t have restaurant / service Tax !! *Horrayyy!*
Credit / debit card are both acceptable
The place is really enjoyable and makes you feel like home
The owner also very kind too!

The minus (-) point about TooTooMoo:
The seat arrangement is only fit to max 15 persons
Very minimum parking lot > only fits one car, and the rest need to park outside/near the street

TooTooMoo Patisserie
Jl. Imam Bonjol 38, Surabaya
Phone : +6231 – 5681763

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