UNION – There will always a Room for Cakes, agree?

UNION Restaurant is really famous for their Red Velvet cake.
Their name is not only well-known in Jakarta, but also in Surabaya.

When I was in Jakarta,
I try again and again to go to this restaurant but I’m always got disappointed on this one thing.
Before I spill it, I’ll review it one by one as usual.

Reservation Steps
I ever made a phone call to reserve for 6 person.
There are restaurant policies about “two hours maximum dine in” and “lateness policy”. 
I’m actually fine with that, but the way the employee told us is wayyyyy too annoying and too long.
Well, I only talk about 3 mins and they talk like 5 mins or more.

My second visit was much better.
I directly go to Union at 11 a.m in the morning and there are not so many people around, and I directly get the seat.

Food & Beverages
Red Velvet – IDR 65,000
This cake is really famous throughout Jakarta, and even Surabaya.
The cheese cream, the icing sugar, and the texture of the cake blend smoothly.
Even so, I think the taste is not really that special. 

Carrot Cake – IDR 65,000
My favorite cake here! Hahahaha. 
I madly inlove with the taste of the cinnamon. 
The cake is not that sweet, blend together with the cheese cream, hmm-yummy!
I can’t stop eating this one, it’s a must try in UNION.

Nastar Crumble – IDR 65,000
If you like a light cake, then you definitely should try this one.
The cream is so soft and the cake melts in your mouth. 
My mom and my auntie really love this cake. 

Lemon Juice – IDR 25,000 
Well, the lemon juice that I made taste better than this.
For you who really loves sour drink, maybe you’ll love this one.
I think I eat too much sweet before I drink this, that’s why the taste didn’t really match. 

Life is Good – IDR 55,000
I have no idea what it taste like. Too weird for me. 

Strawberry Fresh Juice – IDR 30,000
Taste great! I love the fact that the strawberry taste really well. 
The proportion of ice, water, and strawberry match perfectly. 
So far, this is the most normal drink I ever taste in UNION, hahaha.

Additional info: All UNION’s cake is huge! If you don’t really like eat sweet, I suggest you share the cake with someone.

If you go here early on the morning, you’ll feel at peace.
Why? There are not so many people, so you can enjoy your time really well.
If it’s above 1 p.m, it will be really crowded and makes me feel a bit dizzy and uncomfortable.


You’ll feel like you’re in france or somewhere outside Asia.
It’s a really western restaurant with all the decorations, tables, chairs, waiter’s uniforms, and choices of foods, cakes, and beverages.
There’s one waiter on each spot so all the customer should get a proper service.

Inside the Resto, very crowded right?

This is the tiring part. I think I never get a proper service each time I visit union.

My first visit : 
It’s really crowded and ordering a meal just take forever. 
My friend order a lime juice, and until 1 hour, his drink didn’t come out. 
Note: he already ask a lot of waiters and they only say yes, but the drink never came out.
After he ask again at this female waiter, finally his drink came out.

My second visit :
I only order some of their cakes and some drinks. 
Suddenly, there’s this one waiter that come to our table and said “Can I take all the forks, knifes, and so on from your table?”
I’m like “What? Then how can I eat the cake?”
He replied “Okay I left some.”
I feel really annoyed and just ignored him. 
Is this how you treat the customer? 

Finally, after asking the waiter to take photos and stuffs, we ask for the bill.
I wait for about 15 mins and the bill didn’t come out. 
I think they forget to pick my bill, because when I ask for the bill again, the bill came in just 1 minute.

Improvement needed
Please, please, please, your service is really terrible.
Aside that one, I must admit that your cake is the best!

Phone : +6221 – 57905861 ; +6221 – 57905862
Plaza Senayan, Ground Floor. Jl. Asia Afrika
Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia

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