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Weekend is always best spend with your family or friends. If you are looking for a new place to hang out, with great choice of food, nice ambiance, cozy spaces, and – of course – affordable price, then I know a place just right for you! Yes, it’s Yumzaa Restaurant!
From the name, I think you could already guess that this is a Chinese food restaurant. I could say that they are more to a fusion restaurant based on their menus, despite the fact that they serve varities of -yummy- chinese dimsum. With their variety of menus and a very spacious area located at the heart of Tangerang city, I could say that Yumzaa is suitable for one of your restaurant hangout choices.

Yumzaa Resto Review

Few weeks ago, I got a chance to visit Yumzaa restaurant at their Karawaci Branch. The exact location is at Supermal Karawaci, Ground Floor, Jl. Boulevard Diponegoro No. 105, Karawaci, Tangerang.
They have 2 different sections here, one is their “indoor” restaurant where you could have more private area, less noises and with bar chair seating options. The other one is the “outdoor” where you could see Yumzaa open kitchen, a complete mall Karawaci view and of course with more noises.
The indoor restaurant with less noises
A bar-chair seating style
I prefer the outside one, since I could watch the chefs preparing and cooking our food! It’s really fun to watch, since they are cooking super fast while communicating to each other, ensuring each of the customers order.
The best thing from Yumzaa Restaurant, all of their crews are using a face cover while working,  peeling, preparing and cooking the food. So it’s proven that their kitchen is super hygiene! Nothing to worry about!
Yumzaa crews are using a face cover!
Super hygiene, right?
In addition, with the open kitchen concept, you could see the whole process of your food – starting from the preparation until the cooking process. Yeap, everything here is freshly made and cooked, just for you!
All foods are freshly made & cook by order

Live Demo : DimSum Making

When I was there, I also got a chance to see the live demo of DimSum making, and even luckier, I got a chance to try making the DimSum!
Yumzaa’s head chef is preparing for the Live DimSum demo!
First, the head chef of DimSum show us how to make Spring Rolls and Siomay. These two dishes are the customers favorite DimSum menus. It might be small in size, but kinda difficult and complicated in the making process!
How to make Siomay demo
How to make Spring-Roll demo
After the Chef show how to make the Dimsum, then Yumzaa crew divided us into teams to compete in making the Spring Rolls and also the Siomay. It was totally fun and we’re rushing with the time given by Yumzaa! So exciting !!
This is how our dimsum look like
Well, unfortunately my team didn’t win the DimSum making challange. But we also super happy and congratulate other team for their winning!
Congratulations to the winning team!!

Yumzaa Dimsum, Food, Dessert & Beverages

Then, after we watch the live demo of DimSum making and also compete to make DimSum, finally it’s time to eat ! There are lots of food that I try here, but here are some of my favorites.


I love Dimsum! Eating DimSum in a chinese food restaurant is like a must. Dimsum could be shared with your loved ones, which makes me adore Dimsum more, since it could bring people closer together through sharing 🙂

Siew Mai – IDR 16,000

1 portion consist of 3 siew mai. I must say, the price is affordable because you could have 3 siew mai with lots of chicken meat and prawns inside. It’s flavourful !

Lumpia Kulit Tahu Goreng Isi Udang – IDR 22,000

This is also one of my favorite fried DimSum. Also comes in 3 little portions, I could taste the prawn inside the dish. Super recommended if you also like fried DimSum like me.

Bakpao Telur Asin – IDR 14,000

Salted egg is now a trending dish in Jakarta – Tangerang area. Everything now turns into salted egg – starting from Dimsum into Croissant. I must say that eventhough the name is salted egg, but the taste is somehow sweet. If you are not into savory DimSum, then this might become a great choice. It also has a smooth and soft texture.


After enjoying the DimSum as our appetizer, then it’s time to try their main course selections! Starting from dried noodle, soup, until baked rice, they almost have everything here! These are some of my favorites.

Baked Rice dengan Daging Sapi Lada Hitam – IDR 38,000

The rice itself is super buttery and flavourful. The cheese and the meat is super generous ! Super recommended dish if you are hungry and craving for a delish dish complete with meat and cheese.

Nasi Goreng Udang & Ikan dengan Saus XO – IDR 28,000

For those who don’t know what to order and want a “safe” dish, then fried rice is the best options. Full of seafood, the fried rice is tasty and it comes in a great portion.

Mie dengan Ayam Cha Siew & Telur – IDR 26,000

Are you a noodle lover? If yes, this is a great choice for you! The chicken cha siew is tasty, complete with the oily chicken skin – yummy! –  and there’s also a half boiled egg to enjoy with the noodle.


The best way to end the day after a heavy meal is through desserts ! Yumzaa also offers varities of desserts that you could choose.

Es Kacang Merah – IDR 25,000

I’m not really a fan of red beans, but Yumzaa red beans have a hint of sweetness, and because it served with shaved ice, it’s refreshing! A great combination with whatever main course you choose. The portion is big too, so if you couldn’t finish 1 portion, just share it with your family or friends.

Roti Tebal dengan Es Krim – IDR 28,000

For those who crave for something sweet, then this dessert is your best options. Just who on earth doesn’t love bread with chocolate ice cream? The texture of the bread itself is super soft and it will be better if they add more butter inside.


Juice Stroberi – IDR 22,000

When I order juice for a drink, I always request for no-sugar & no-milk. Yes, I prefer a pure fruit juice. Most of the time at a regular restaurant, the taste will be plain because it will be too much water on the juice. Different with a high-end restaurant where they create a pure juice using a Juicer or Fruit Extractor. However, Yumzaa restaurant is different than others. The strawberry is super fresh and not watery. Recommended!

Juice Alpukat Milo – IDR 25,000

Yes, it’s like the best drink for those who loves avocado. Avocado with milo – is like a dream come true, right? No wonder that this drink is one of the most favorite drink at Yumzaa Restaurant.


Yes, these are the special  offers available on Yumzaa Restaurant ! Make sure that you won’t miss it, okay? For you who don’t want to miss Yumzaa’s current offer, you could visit their Facebook Page : Yumzaa Indonesia , Twitter : @yumzaa_id and Instagram @yumzaa.id 
YEAYYY Everything for IDR 14,900 !! 
Horray! Discount 50% for their selected menus 😉
I do enjoy my time in Yumzaa, along with the very great services from their crews, the live dimsum making show, the ambiance, the companion and of course the food!

Watch the video of #YumzaaFunMoment on my YouTube channel! 



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